Academic Resources

Files are available for download as PDF (PDF) and MicroSoft Word® (DOC, DOCX) documents.


  • Quick Reference Guide to Sexual Harassment and Misconduct (PDF)

Library Resources

Student Handbooks

  • BSW Handbook for Social Work Pre-Majors and Majors (PDF)
  • MSSW Handbook (PDF)
  • PHD Handbook (PDF)

Social Work Standards and Ethics

  • Standards for Social Work Education (PDF)
  • NASW Code of Ethics and Texas Social Work Code of Conduct (PDF)
  • NASW Standards (including Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice)

BSW Students

  • 2012-2014 BSW Degree Checklist (PDF)
  • 2012-2014 Approved Course List (PDF)
  • 2012-2014 BSW Degree Sequence (PDF)

MSSW Students

Ph.D. Students

  • SW395K Conference Course (PDF) (DOCX)
  • SW395W Writing Practicum Guidelines (PDF) (DOCX)
  • SW395L Research Practicum (PDF) (DOCX)
  • Program of Work Form (PDF) (DOCX)
  • Checklist from Comps Committee to Graduation (PDF) (DOCX)
  • Comprehensive Exam Completion Form (PDF) (DOCX)
  • Dissertation Proposal Defense Approval Form (DOCX)
  • How to Plan, Draft, and Write Your Dissertation and Dissertation Proposal (PDF)
  • Three Articles Dissertation Guidelines (PDF)
  • Tips for the Job Market (PDF)
  • Yearly Review of Student Progress (DOCX)

Field Manuals and Forms


  • BSW Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (PDF)
  • MSSW Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (PDF)