Academic Resources

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  • UT Austin Title IX Office. This office is committed to supporting the University’s mission to create and maintain an educational and work environment free from all forms of sexual harassment, sex discrimination, exploitation and intimidation where all students, faculty, and staff can learn, work and thrive. The university strongly encourages the prompt reporting of incidents of sex discrimination (including discrimination of the basis of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation), sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, interpersonal violence (including dating and domestic violence), and stalking. Find out how to file a report.

Library Resources

Student Handbooks

Social Work Standards and Ethics

  • Standards for Social Work Education (PDF)
  • NASW Code of Ethics and Texas Social Work Code of Conduct (PDF)
  • NASW Standards (including Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice)

BSW Students

MSSW Students

Ph.D. Students

  • SW395K Conference Course (PDF) (DOCX)
  • SW395W Writing Practicum Guidelines (PDF) (DOCX)
  • SW395L Research Practicum (PDF) (DOCX)
  • Program of Work Form (PDF)
  • Checklist from Comps Committee to Graduation (PDF)
  • Comprehensive Exam Completion Form (PDF) (DOCX)
  • Dissertation Proposal Defense Approval Form (DOCX)
  • How to Plan, Draft, and Write Your Dissertation and Dissertation Proposal (PDF)
  • Three Articles Dissertation Guidelines (PDF)
  • Tips for the Job Market (PDF)
  • Yearly Review of Student Progress (DOCX)

Field Manuals and Forms


  • BSW Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (PDF)
  • MSSW Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (PDF)