Master’s Program


The Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) program at The University of Texas at Austin prepares students for advanced social work practice  with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Both the foundation and concentration curriculum provide experiential learning through internships at selected organizations and agencies with qualified and competent educational supervision. The program organizes and integrates course content and field experiences using a systems/developmental framework and a bio-psycho-social perspective. Apply to the MSSW program.

Foundation Curriculum: The foundation curriculum provides preparation for generalist social work practice. In addition, it develops students’ knowledge of and identification with the social work profession. Students learn about and appreciate social work’s historical development, the range of professional interventions characteristic of contemporary practice, ethical issues and concerns confronting practitioners, and the organizational contexts of practice. Regardless of the student’s choice of concentration, the program emphasizes commitment to culturally diverse populations and women, issues of social and economic justice, and the advancement of the knowledge base of the profession.

Concentrations: Learn about the Clinical Social Work concentration and the Administration and Policy Practice (APP) concentration.