Field Education

SJAC ACA CanvassingField education provides an intensive learning environment for bachelor’s and master’s level students. In the community, learning alongside veteran social workers and administrators, our students experience the culmination of their classroom instruction in action for others.

The Field Program develops practitioners who are strongly identified with the social work profession and its values, and who are committed to self-evaluation and life-long professional growth.

The field experience is a key component of the curriculum, providing students with the opportunity to build, apply and integrate knowledge from all areas within a practice setting. In addition, field courses provide educationally directed learning experiences for students to explore their professional identity, professional use of self, issues of social and economic justice, issues concerning populations-at-risk, and the ethics and values of the social work profession.

The School has field placement sites in Austin, in Texas, out-of-state, and out of the country in places including Costa Rica, South Africa, and Germany. It also maintains a field unit with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

If you have questions or want to become an approved agency, please contact the Field Office at 512-471-6207 or by email at