Center for Social Work Research

The Center for Social Work Research (CSWR) facilitates research at the School of Social work by providing faculty with an environment and administrative infrastructure conducive to the pursuit of interdisciplinary, scientifically rigorous social and behavioral research. CSWR’s mission is to foster research that advances social work practice and theory; enhances social work education and learning; and builds knowledge about the human condition, social issues, and service delivery systems.

research report coverBrowse our report, Research that Changes Lives to learn about current research projects (online reader, requires Flash Player) or download a printable version (pdf). You can also read research related stories or explore all projects on this website.

The institutes at CSWR offer specialized expertise in research methodology and/or training related to a specific topic or field of practice in the social work arena.

Research conducted by the institutes often involves multidisciplinary collaboration through partnerships with researchers on campus and nationwide in the fields of medicine, criminal justice, law, government/public affairs, business, and nursing.