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Substance Abuse Trends In Texas 2019 (PDF)


  • Methamphetamine is the top drug threat reported by the three DEA Field Divisions that cover Texas.
  • Methamphetamine and cocaine problems continue to increase, with no FDA-approved Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) available
  • The Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) and overdose prevention programs have led to decreases in the number of other opiate, synthetic narcotic, and benzodiazepine drugs prescribed. The Texas PMP was moved from the state law enforcement agency to the pharmacy board in 2016.
  • Heroin indicators are mixed. Since fentanyl cannot be easily mixed with gummy black tar heroin, the combination has not resulted in the number of deaths with heroin and fentanyl as in the Northeast. Fentanyl remains a concern about deaths involving other drugs, including speedballs. The number of tramadol pills identified in toxicological laboratories continue to rise.
  • In the past, cannabis indicators had involved monitoring the quantity and quality of the drug imported from Mexico. Now, cannabis indicators focus on effects of CBD oils, edibles, and other products brought in from states where they are legal.
  • The State’s response to the opioid epidemic has resulted in additional outreach and training to prevent overdoses, but changes in use patterns will require monitoring. Of the drugs used in Medication Assisted Treatment in Texas, the amount of methadone dosage per 100,000 used has dropped while the amount of buprenorphine has increased, although there is increased need for MAT.

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