DFPS Curriculum Development: Permanency, visitation, and trauma-informed workforce  (2013)


Project Sponsor(s)

  • Texas Department of Family & Protective Services (DFPS)

Project Categories

The Child and Family Research Institute (CFRI) at Center for Social Work Research are developing three training curriculums — on the topics of permanency, visitation, and trauma-informed workforce — along with related materials for the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).  CFRI will begin the project by reviewing available curricula on the topics;  collaborate with a team of experts to prepare a draft curricula; and assemble a team of experts in each topical area to provide feedback on each curriculum.  Each curriculum will then be presented to at least two groups of DFPS caseworkers and/or supervisors for review and comment. All feedback will be used to revise the curricula.

Project deliverables include:

  • Develop a curriculum (“permanency curriculum”) and supporting materials to be used by DFPS supervisors and directors to train the caseworkers on how to have age appropriate discussions with children regarding permanency decisions.
  • Develop a  curriculum (“visitation curriculum”)  and supporting materials to be used by DFPS supervisors and directors to train caseworkers on how to assess visitation experiences with youth in foster care.
  • Develop a curriculum (“trauma informed workforce curriculum”) and supporting materials to be delivered to DFPS supervisors to assist them in supporting a trauma informed child welfare workforce.
  • Develop messaging and create physical banners for DFPS around permanency (“permanency banners”).