Ph.D. Student Profiles

Sok An Sok AnDetailsMSSW, The University of Texas at AustinEmail:
Interests: Gerontology, home and community– based services; unmet need, type of caregiver, self-management programs, advanced statistical methodologies (HLM and SEM)
Constanta Belciug Constanta BelciugDetailsMSW, Moldova State UniversityEmail:
Interests: What makes children from impoverished families thrive, impact of the living environment on the overall success of an adolescent, efficient supervision by administrators of non-profits, human trafficking and hopelessness, processes that happen within a family with foster children, cross-cultural social work.
Tianca Crocker Tianca CrockerDetailsMS, George Mason UniversityEmail:
Interests: Policy interventions, consumerism, health determinants, measures of economic well-being, technoculture, program evaluation, multi-method research
Valerie Gaimon Valerie GaimonDetailsJ.D., University of Colorado at Boulder Law SchoolEmail:
Interests: Restorative justice in different cultures; sociocultural roles; impact of culture and language in communication; restorative justice intersection with sexual abuse and family violence; indigenous justice systems and processes; justice systems integrating indigenous elements; social justice policy-making and systemic change.
Karla GonzalezDetailsMSW, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de ChileEmail:
Interests: Health Disparities, Empowerment
Yeonwoo Kim Yeonwoo KimDetailsMA, Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of KoreaEmail:
Interests: Families in need; vulnerable children; children in poverty; violence-exposed children
Erika L. King Erika L. KingDetailsMSW, Illinois State UniversityEmail:
Interests: Military mental health as it relates to readiness, accessions and separations, and community support
Sharon Lee Sharon LeeDetailsMSSW, The University of Texas at AustinEmail:
Interests: Mental health prevention/promotion (mental health literacy); health and mental health communication; risky health behavior (alcohol and drug use/abuse); health disparities among minorities; help-seeking attitudes in health care settings
Toni Moreno Toni MorenoDetailsMSW, Texas State UniversityEmail:
Interests: I am interested in identifying services that can be considered best practices that support first generation students 1) high school completion 2) postsecondary enrollment, and 3) postsecondary completion. I am also interested in identifying what variables impact first generation students’ college completion. Specifically, whether proximity or distance is a factor in first generation students’ college completion and if there are notable differences between urban and rural populations with regards to proximity.
Katarzyna Olcon, LCSW Katarzyna Olcon, LCSWDetailsMSW, University of Illinois at ChicagoEmail:
Interests: Ethnic centered and culturally sensitive social work prevention and intervention methods with a particular focus on community development and group work; international social work, international social work education, and capacity building.
Jennifer Scott Jennifer ScottDetailsMS in Social Work and Master's in International Affairs, Columbia UniversityEmail:
Interests: Poverty, marginalization, community resistance strategies, social movements, public policy, community organizing, postcolonialism, labor, low-wage work, undocumented migration, critical pedagogy
Hannah Szlyk, LCSW Hannah Szlyk, LCSWDetailsMSSW, Columbia UniversityEmail:
Interests: Young adults and adolescents; mental health; eating disorders/body image/self-image; suicidality and treatment/prevention; trauma and trauma-informed care; transitional services for youth aging out of foster care/individuals in the juvenile justice system.
Amy Thompson Amy ThompsonDetailsMPA, The University of Texas at AustinEmail:
Interests: Effects of US policy on migrant child populations; demographic study of migrant child populations (particularly interested in field research in the Americas); effects of migration on child development.
Jelena Todic Jelena TodicDetailsMSW, Washington University in St. LouisEmail:
Interests: Violence and social inequality as determinants of health; interventions targeting social determinants of health; LGBTQ and women’s health; intergroup dialogue; restorative / transformative justice and practices; critical consciousness; radical / critical social work practice; practice research.
Tee Tyler, LCSW Tee Tyler, LCSWDetailsMSW, University of Utah Email:
Interests: Close Relationships, Social Identities, Marginalization, Privilege, LGBTQ
Arlette Vila Arlette VilaDetailsMA, St. Edward's UniversityEmail:
Interests: I am interested in conducting research on behavioral risk factors as it relates to health disparities among Latino and Hispanic women.
Karin Wachter Karin WachterDetailsMEd, University of MassachusettsEmail:
Interests: Forced migration; social support; violence against women; feminist and post-colonial theories.
Casey Walsh, LISW Casey Walsh, LISWDetailsMSW, University of MichiganEmail:
Interests: Pediatric behavioral health concerns and school functioning; impact of trauma and poverty on health and mental health; evidence-based interventions.
Anao Zhang, LCSW, ACSW, ACT Anao Zhang, LCSW, ACSW, ACTDetailsMSW, Clinical Concentration, University of PennsylvaniaEmail:
Interests: Integrated behavioral health; evidence-based practices; translational and implementation research; intersection of clinical social work practice and research methods.