PhD Student Profiles

Chelsea Arnold, LCSW Chelsea Arnold, LCSWDetailsMSW, University of KentuckyEmail:
Interests: Refining prevention methods for sexual assault and domestic violence and minimizing the negative impacts associated with both victims and offenders among the military population. Negative impacts meaning mental health for both offenders/victims and the stigma for victims. The benefits of holistic treatments such as mindfulness and yoga among victims and offenders of sexual assault and domestic violence.
Hydeen Beverly, MSW Hydeen Beverly, MSWDetailsMSW, University of MichiganEmail:
Interests: Social work, education and restorative justice principles; education attainment of urban youth; restorative justice practices as a tool to break cycles of generational and historical poverty and barriers to education success; mental health and education services, substance use and factors of resilience among Black men and boys.
Yong Ju Cho Yong Ju ChoDetailsMaster in International Development and Cooperation, Korea UniversityEmail:
Interests: Gerontology, Healthy Aging, Health service utilization, Long-term care, End of life care, Health disparities among minorities, Health adaptation among minorities, International social work.
Jen Currin-McCulloch Jen Currin-McCullochDetailsMSW, University of GeorgiaEmail:
Interests: Psychosocial oncology; End-of-life communication; Goal setting; Physical and psychospiritual factors that influence perception of hope; Death and dying in middle-aged individuals; Interprofessional delivery of palliative care.
Audrey Hang Hai Audrey Hang HaiDetailsMSW, University of Southern CaliforniaEmail:
Interests: Substance use; spirituality/religiosity; spiritually/religiously based interventions; youth and young adults mental health; Asian population; school social work; quantitative methods; systematic review and meta-analysis.
Lataya Hawkins Lataya HawkinsDetailsMSW, University of Houston Email:
Interests: Moral Injury, Grief and loss, Suicide, Program Evaluation, and Issues that affect African American women
Kristian Jones Kristian JonesDetailsM.Ed., Boston UniversityEmail:
Interests: Positive youth development; mental health; early intervention and prevention; juvenile justice.
Catherine LaBrenz Catherine LaBrenzDetailsMSW, Pontificia University Catolica de ChileEmail:
Interests: Restorative justice with youth offenders; Restorative justice in child protective services; Out-of-home placements for children in protective services; Attachment intervention with children in out-of-home placements; International adoption.
Chun Liu Chun LiuDetailsMSSA, Case Western Reserve UniversityEmail:
Interests: Child welfare; child abuse and neglect prevention; foster care and out-of-home placements for children; child poverty; left-behind children in China; international adoption.
Toni Moreno Toni MorenoDetailsMSW, Texas State UniversityEmail:
Interests: I am interested in identifying services that can be considered best practices that support first generation students 1) high school completion 2) postsecondary enrollment, and 3) postsecondary completion. I am also interested in identifying what variables impact first generation students’ college completion. Specifically, whether proximity or distance is a factor in first generation students’ college completion and if there are notable differences between urban and rural populations with regards to proximity.
Jaimie O’Gara, LISW, CADC Jaimie O’Gara, LISW, CADCDetailsMSW, University of Nebraska at OmahaEmail:
Interests: Relationship between parenting/parent mental health and child mental health/development; understanding the fathers’ unique role within the family system and how their roles are related to child functioning across the lifespan.
Sehun Oh Sehun OhDetailsMSW, Yonsei UniversityEmail:
Interests: Poverty and economic inequality; behavioral health among economically disadvantaged families; transitions in family structure and economic dynamics; social welfare policies; program evaluation; advanced statistics (longitudinal data analysis, causal inference).
Chris Paine Chris PaineDetailsMSW, Fayetteville State UniversityEmail:
Interests: Posttraumatic growth in the military population. Adversity in promoting character vs. pathology in response to military trauma. Factors that promote positive rumination among a military population. Implications of childhood adversity on organizational cohesion within the military. Facilitation of PTG among a modern computer generaion in the military.
Lisa S. Panisch Lisa S. PanischDetailsMSW, Florida State UniversityEmail:
Interests: Adverse childhood experiences; dissociative processes and health outcomes; intergenerational transmission of child maltreatment; women’s health issues; maternal-child attachment; relationships between traumatic experiences and medically unexplained phenomena; developmental neurobiology; neurofeedback; psychoneuroimmunology.
Liana Petruzzi Liana PetruzziDetailsMSSW, The University of Texas at Austin Email:
Interests: Racial and economic health disparities; social determinants of health; healthcare policies, social work in healthcare, care coordination and interdisciplinary care.
Swathi Reddy, LMSW Swathi Reddy, LMSWDetailsMSW, The University of ChicagoEmail:
Interests: Domestic violence in the South Asian American context; systemic problems in the current approach to addressing domestic violence with South Asian populations; alternative methods to eliminate gender-based violence.
Lalaine Sevillano Lalaine SevillanoDetailsMSW California State University, Northridge Email:
Interests: Youth empowerment; community-based participatory research; strengths based interventions; youth of color; LGBTQIA, systems-involved; colonial mentality; critical consciousness; mixed-methods
John Sullivan John SullivanDetailsMSW, Arizona State UniversityEmail:
Interests: Health disparities; health and social service delivery for people with chronic medical conditions; mental health and service utilization; chronic kidney disease and Latinos; continuity of care for transnational families; administrative health data; international social work.
Amy Thompson Amy ThompsonDetailsMPA, The University of Texas at AustinEmail:
Interests: Effects of US policy on migrant child populations; child migration in Mexico; effects of migration on the child’s development of agency.
Christian Vazquez Christian VazquezDetailsMSW, University of MichiganEmail:
Interests: Child and family well-being; health disparities; leadership and management of human service organizations; organizational development; inter-professional education; childhood obesity, physical activity, and nutrition.
Bethany Wood-Breck Bethany Wood-BreckDetailsMSW, Brigham Young UniversityEmail:
Interests: Poverty and inequality; advanced quantitative methods; intergenerational mental health; intergenerational poverty; older adult mental health; income inequality; Latinx poverty and resiliency; low SES U.S. populations.
Weiwen Zeng Weiwen ZengDetailsMSSc in Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong KongEmail:
Interests: Aging; persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities; long-term institutional and medical care options; comparative disability policy between the US and China