PhD Student Profiles

Constanta Belciug Constanta BelciugDetailsMSW, Moldova State UniversityEmail:
Interests: What makes children from impoverished families thrive, impact of the living environment on the overall success of an adolescent, efficient supervision by administrators of non-profits, human trafficking and hopelessness, processes that happen within a family with foster children, cross-cultural social work.
Tianca Crocker Tianca CrockerDetailsMS, George Mason UniversityEmail:
Interests: Policy interventions, consumerism, health determinants, measures of economic well-being, technoculture, program evaluation, multi-method research
Jen Currin-McCulloch Jen Currin-McCullochDetailsMSW, University of GeorgiaEmail:
Interests: Psychosocial oncology; End-of-life communication; Goal setting; Physical and psychospiritual factors that influence perception of hope; Death and dying in middle-aged individuals; Interprofessional delivery of palliative care.
Peter Dell, LCSW Peter Dell, LCSWDetailsMSW, University of South FloridaEmail:
Interests: Stigma and behavioral health treatment; Adverse childhood experiences and impact on functioning as an adult; Practice of mindfulness and impact on perception.
Valerie Gaimon Valerie GaimonDetailsJ.D., University of Colorado at Boulder Law SchoolEmail:
Interests: Restorative justice in different cultures; sociocultural roles; impact of culture and language in communication; restorative justice intersection with sexual abuse and family violence; indigenous justice systems and processes; justice systems integrating indigenous elements; social justice policy-making and systemic change.
Karla GonzalezDetailsMSW, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de ChileEmail:
Interests: Health Disparities, Empowerment
Yeonwoo Kim Yeonwoo KimDetailsMA, Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of KoreaEmail:
Interests: Families in need; vulnerable children; children in poverty; violence-exposed children
Catherine LaBrenz Catherine LaBrenzDetailsMSW, Pontificia University Catolica de ChileEmail:
Interests: Restorative justice with youth offenders; Restorative justice in child protective services; Out-of-home placements for children in protective services; Attachment intervention with children in out-of-home placements; International adoption.
Sharon Lee Sharon LeeDetailsMSSW, The University of Texas at AustinEmail:
Interests: Mental health prevention/promotion (mental health literacy); health and mental health communication; risky health behavior (alcohol and drug use/abuse); health disparities among minorities; help-seeking attitudes in health care settings
Toni Moreno Toni MorenoDetailsMSW, Texas State UniversityEmail:
Interests: I am interested in identifying services that can be considered best practices that support first generation students 1) high school completion 2) postsecondary enrollment, and 3) postsecondary completion. I am also interested in identifying what variables impact first generation students’ college completion. Specifically, whether proximity or distance is a factor in first generation students’ college completion and if there are notable differences between urban and rural populations with regards to proximity.
Sehun Oh Sehun OhDetailsM.A., Yonsie UniversityEmail:
Interests: Influence of family dynamics (both positive and negative) on the development of children; Impoversihed families and policy measures to end the intergenerational cycle of povery; Policy and program evaluation of public assistance and social insurance programs.
Katarzyna Olcon, LCSW Katarzyna Olcon, LCSWDetailsMSW, University of Illinois at ChicagoEmail:
Interests: Ethnic centered and culturally sensitive social work prevention and intervention methods with a particular focus on community development and group work; international social work, international social work education, and capacity building.
David Snowden, LCSW David Snowden, LCSWDetailsMSW, University of UtahEmail:
Interests: Military populations (both active duty and veterans); Substance abuse; Domestic violence; Suicidality effect on the military, and developing strategies of prevention; Secondary and tertiary effects of suicide on survivors, families, and communities.
John Sullivan John SullivanDetailsMSW, Arizona State UniversityEmail:
Interests: Healthcare access and service utilization; Health disparities; Cross-border care and social work practice; Continuity of care for transnational families, especially children and older adults; International social work; Medical repatriation of undocumented/uninsured migrants.
Hannah Szlyk, LCSW Hannah Szlyk, LCSWDetailsMSSW, Columbia UniversityEmail:
Interests: Young adults and adolescents; mental health; eating disorders/body image/self-image; suicidality and treatment/prevention; trauma and trauma-informed care; transitional services for youth aging out of foster care/individuals in the juvenile justice system.
Amy Thompson Amy ThompsonDetailsMPA, The University of Texas at AustinEmail:
Interests: Effects of US policy on migrant child populations; demographic study of migrant child populations (particularly interested in field research in the Americas); effects of migration on child development.
Jelena Todic Jelena TodicDetailsMSW, Washington University in St. LouisEmail:
Interests: Violence and social inequality as determinants of health; interventions targeting social determinants of health; LGBTQ and women’s health; intergroup dialogue; restorative / transformative justice and practices; critical consciousness; radical / critical social work practice; practice research.
Arlette Vila Arlette VilaDetailsMA, St. Edward's UniversityEmail:
Interests: I am interested in conducting research on behavioral risk factors as it relates to health disparities among Latino and Hispanic women.
Karin Wachter Karin WachterDetailsMEd, University of MassachusettsEmail:
Interests: Forced migration; social support; violence against women; feminist and post-colonial theories.
Casey Walsh, LISW Casey Walsh, LISWDetailsMSW, University of MichiganEmail:
Interests: Pediatric behavioral health concerns and school functioning; impact of trauma and poverty on health and mental health; evidence-based interventions.
Anao Zhang, LCSW, ACSW, ACT Anao Zhang, LCSW, ACSW, ACTDetailsMSW, Clinical Concentration, University of PennsylvaniaEmail:
Interests: Integrated behavioral health; evidence-based practices; translational and implementation research; intersection of clinical social work practice and research methods.