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Tina Adkins, Ph.D. Tina Adkins, Ph.D.Research Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 1.206Phone: 512-471-9420Email:
Marilyn Armour, Ph.D. Marilyn Armour, Ph.D.Professor and University Distinguished Teaching ProfessorRoom #: 3.212DPhone: 512-471-3197Email:
Bethany L. Backes, PhD, MSW, MPH Bethany L. Backes, PhD, MSW, MPHResearch Associate Room #: 3.212EAEmail:
Margaret Bassett Margaret BassettAdjunct Assistant Professor and Project ManagerRoom #: 1.116APhone: 512-471-3470Email:
Jolynne Batchelor, PhD, LCSW Jolynne Batchelor, PhD, LCSWResearch AssociateRoom #: 1.204Phone: 512-232-6061Email:
Tom Bohman, Ph.D. Tom Bohman, Ph.D.Research ScientistRoom #: 2.216CPhone: 512-232-0605Email:
Elisa V. Borah, Ph.D. Elisa V. Borah, Ph.D.Research Associate Professor; Director, Institute for Military and Veteran Family WellnessRoom #: 2.118Phone: 512-475-8040Email:
Noël Busch-Armendariz, Ph.D., LMSW, MPA Noël Busch-Armendariz, Ph.D., LMSW, MPAProfessor and Director, Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual AssaultRoom #: 1.218HAPhone: 512-232-6388Email:
Esther J. Calzada, Ph.D. Esther J. Calzada, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion, Norma and Clay Leben Fellow in Child and Family Behavioral HealthRoom #: 3.106EPhone: 512-471-2797Email:
Yessenia Castro, Ph.D. Yessenia Castro, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorRoom #: 3.130EPhone: 512-232-0778Email:
Namkee G. Choi, Ph.D. Namkee G. Choi, Ph.D.Professor and Louis and Ann Wolens Centennial Chair in GerontologyRoom #: 3.122DPhone: 512-232-9590Email:
Deborah Ann Cohen, Ph.D. Deborah Ann Cohen, Ph.D.Research Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 2.208Phone: 512-232-0618Email:
Fiona Conway, Ph.D. Fiona Conway, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.122BPhone: 512-232-2491Email:
Catherine Cubbin, Ph.D. Catherine Cubbin, Ph.D.Professor and Associate Dean for ResearchRoom #: 3.208GAPhone: 512-232-0625Email:
Susan M. De Luca, Ph.D. Susan M. De Luca, Ph.D.Assistant Professor and Core Faculty of Women's and Gender StudiesRoom #: 3.130LPhone: 512-471-1713Email:
Diana M. DiNitto, Ph.D. Diana M. DiNitto, Ph.D.Cullen Trust Centennial Professor in Alcohol Studies and Education and Distinguished Teaching ProfessorRoom #: 3.130BPhone: 512-471-9227Email:
Monica Faulkner, Ph.D., LMSW Monica Faulkner, Ph.D., LMSWResearch Associate ProfessorRoom #: 1.218Phone: 512-471-7191Email:
Rowena Fong, Ed.D. Rowena Fong, Ed.D.Ruby Lee Piester Centennial Professor in Services to Children and FamiliesRoom #: 3.122GPhone: 512-471-1393Email:
Cynthia G. S. Franklin, Ph.D. Cynthia G. S. Franklin, Ph.D.Associate Dean for Doctoral Education and Stiernberg/Spencer Family Professor in Mental HealthRoom #: 2.228Phone: 512-471-0533Email:
Beth Gerlach, Ph.D., LCSW Beth Gerlach, Ph.D., LCSWAdjunct Assistant Professor and Research AssociateRoom #: 1.216Phone: 512-232-0649Email:
Lauren E. Gulbas, Ph.D. Lauren E. Gulbas, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.122CPhone: 512-232-4418Email:
Mercedes Hernandez, Ph.D., LCSW Mercedes Hernandez, Ph.D., LCSWAssistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.106FPhone: 512-471-8189Email:
Lori K. Holleran Steiker, Ph.D., ACSW Lori K. Holleran Steiker, Ph.D., ACSWSteve Hicks Professor of Addiction, Recovery and Substance Abuse ServicesRoom #: 3.122APhone: 512-232-9330Email:
Barbara L. Jones, Ph.D. Barbara L. Jones, Ph.D.Josleen and Frances Lockhart Memorial Professor for Direct Practice in Social Work, Associate Dean for Health AffairsRoom #: 3.212GPhone: 512-475-9367Email:
Jane A. Kretzschmar, LCSW Jane A. Kretzschmar, LCSWClinical Professor EmeritusEmail:
Noel Landuyt, Ph.D. Noel Landuyt, Ph.D.Adjunct Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Institute for Organizational ExcellenceRoom #: 3.212EBPhone: 512-471-9831Email:
Michael L. Lauderdale, Ph.D. Michael L. Lauderdale, Ph.D.Clara Pope Willoughby Centennial Professor in Criminal JusticeRoom #: 3.130JPhone: 512-471-9246Email:
Carol M. Lewis, Ph.D. Carol M. Lewis, Ph.D.Adjunct Assistant Professor and Director, Office of the Associate Dean for ResearchRoom #: 3.208FPhone: 512-471-9219Email:
Molly Lopez, Ph.D. Molly Lopez, Ph.D.Research Associate ProfessorRoom #: 2.205APhone: 512-232-0614Email:
Sandy Magaña, Ph.D., MSW Sandy Magaña, Ph.D., MSWProfessor in Autism and Neurodevelopmental DisabilitiesRoom #: 3.130HPhone: 512-232-9216Email:
Lori MangrumResearch ScientistRoom #: 1.204Phone: 512-232-0601Email:
Jane Maxwell, Ph.D. Jane Maxwell, Ph.D.Research ProfessorEmail:
Ruth G. McRoy, Ph.D. Ruth G. McRoy, Ph.D.Ruby Lee Piester Centennial Professor EmeritaRoom #: 3.212AEmail:
Maureen Nichols, BA Maureen Nichols, BACo-director, SSWATTCRoom #: 1.204Phone: 512-232-0609Email:
Yolanda C. Padilla, Ph.D. Yolanda C. Padilla, Ph.D.Clara Pope Willoughby Centennial Professor in Child Welfare and Director of the CSWE Center for Diversity and Social and Economic JusticeRoom #: 3.130KPhone: 512-471-6266Email:
Ruben Parra-Cardona, Ph.D. Ruben Parra-Cardona, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorRoom #: 3.130FPhone: 512-232-9215Email:
Farya Phillips, Ph.D., CCLS Farya Phillips, Ph.D., CCLSResearch Assistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.212FEmail:
Beth C. Pomeroy, Ph.D. Beth C. Pomeroy, Ph.D.Bert Kruger Smith Centennial Professor in Social Work, Co-Director for Institute for Collaborative Health Research and PracticeRoom #: 3.106BPhone: 512-232-3405Email:
Michele A. Rountree, Ph.D. Michele A. Rountree, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorRoom #: 3.122EPhone: 512-471-7160Email:
Clayton T. Shorkey, Ph.D., LCSW Clayton T. Shorkey, Ph.D., LCSWJosleen and Frances Lockhart Memorial Professor Emeritus of Direct Practice in Social Work and Director of Social Work Learning Resource CenterRoom #: 1.218GPhone: 512-471-0520Email:
Robin Smith, LCSW Robin Smith, LCSWClinical Assistant Professor and Clinical Lead for the Integrated Behavioral Health Scholars ProgramRoom #: 3.124APhone: 512-471-3438Email:
Richard Spence, Ph.D. Richard Spence, Ph.D.Research ProfessorRoom #: 1.204Phone: 512-232-0608Email:
David W. Springer, Ph.D. David W. Springer, Ph.D.University Distinguished Teaching Professor, Director of the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community ServicePhone: 512-232-7062Email:
Stacey Stevens Manser, Ph.D. Stacey Stevens Manser, Ph.D.Research ScientistRoom #: 2.204Phone: 512-232-9085Email:
Calvin L. Streeter, Ph.D. Calvin L. Streeter, Ph.D.Professor and Meadows Foundation Centennial Professor in the Quality of Life in the Rural EnvironmentRoom #: 3.130GPhone: 512-471-0543Email:
Melissa Torres, Ph.D., MSW Melissa Torres, Ph.D., MSWAdjunct Assistant Professor and Research AssociateRoom #: 3.212EPhone: 713-835-7019Email:
Carmen R. Valdez, Ph.D. Carmen R. Valdez, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorPhone: 512-495-5388Email:
Mary Velasquez, Ph.D. Mary Velasquez, Ph.D.Centennial Professor in Leadership for Community, Professional and Corporate Excellence; Director, Health Behavior Research and Training InstituteRoom #: 1.212APhone: 512-471-7019Email:
Shetal Vohra-Gupta, Ph.D., MSW Shetal Vohra-Gupta, Ph.D., MSWAssistant ProfessorRoom #: 3.116DPhone: 512-232-2701Email:
Kirk von Sternberg, Ph.D. Kirk von Sternberg, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorRoom #: 1.210APhone: 512-232-0633Email:
Tanya Voss, MSSW Tanya Voss, MSSWClinical Professor and Assistant Dean for Field EducationRoom #: 2.234Phone: 512-471-0510Email:
Lynn Wallisch, Ph.D. Lynn Wallisch, Ph.D.ResearcherRoom #: 1.204Phone: 512-232-0611Email:
Luis H. Zayas, Ph.D. Luis H. Zayas, Ph.D.Dean and Robert Lee Sutherland Chair in Mental Health and Social PolicyRoom #: 2.202BPhone: 512-471-1937Email: