Master of Divinity

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the School of Social Work have established a dual degree program of study that provides master’s-level students the opportunity to complete requirements for two degrees concurrently: the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW).

  • The program is designed to be completed in four years of full-time study. Download program of work here (PDF)
  • Students will receive degrees from both institutions.
  • Students must be accepted into both programs independently, meeting each institution’s admission criteria.
  • Students interested in pursuing this degree may choose either the Clinical or the Administration and Policy Practice (APP) concentration in social work. As much as possible, the program of study will be tailored to meet students’ individual vocational needs as approved by an oversight committee.

This agreement with The University of Texas at Austin provides resources that extend Austin Seminary’s current offerings for students with particular interests in non-traditional ministries, including agency-based social service, advocacy, policy-oriented work, and clinical counseling. The new program also provides added resources for students planning to serve in more traditional ministry settings as pastors or chaplains. These resources include opportunities for enhancing understanding of, and skills in, the following: negotiating concrete services related to the social welfare system, public advocacy, programming assessment, community organizing, service to organizations that set or influence public and/or ecclesiastical policy, and clinical and community counseling.

This dual degree program is also a response to the growing demand for social workers to be sensitive toward and proficient in their understandings of their client’s religious and spiritual lives, and also to work with faith-based communities to foster both individual and community well being as they strive to alleviate critical social problems.

MSSW/MDiv Program Options

There are 4 program options for the MSSW/MDiv dual degree.

  • Post BSW Track 42 Hour Program (Spring Admission)
  • Post BSW Track 42 Hour Program (Summer Admission)
  • Post BSW Track 48 Hour Program
  • 4 Year Full-time Program

Download program of work here (PDF).

Application to the Dual Degree Program (MSSW/MDiv)

In addition to all of the materials required for admission to the MSSW program, applicants to the Dual Degree program must also apply and be accepted to The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary for the Master of Divinity program.