Presenter at IDVSA Full Court Press trainingThe MSSW/JD dual degree offers students an opportunity to integrate each profession’s conceptual frameworks, knowledge bases, and practice skills through a program of study that would enhance their work as effective practitioners in today’s complex legal and social service environments.

Social work and law share much in common and represent one significant area of interdisciplinary convergence. In professional practice, the unique knowledge and skills of lawyers and social workers often converge in fields of practice such as child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health, family mediation, domestic violence, immigration, housing, and legal aid to the poor. Both social workers and lawyers have a deep and abiding professional commitment to client advocacy and social justice. And they often serve the same client populations; people who have been disenfranchised and oppressed by unfair public policies, personal circumstances, or the actions and inactions of others.

MSSW/JD Program Options

There are 4 program options for the MSSW/JD dual degree.

  • 4 Year Full-time Program
  • Post BSW Track 42 Hour Program (Spring Admission)
  • Post BSW Track 42 Hour Program (Summer Admission)
  • Post BSW Track 48 Hour Program

Download program of work (PDF).

Application to the Dual Degree Program (MSSW/JD)

In addition to the materials required for admission to the MSSW program, applicants to the MSSW//JD dual degree program must also apply and be accepted to Doctor of Jurisprudence Program at The University of Texas at Austin Law School.