Curriculum Options

Many students enroll in the two-year, regular full-time program. Students wanting more flexible options may extend the program to 2½ years, 3 years, or 3½ years, depending on enrollment date. Students with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from an accredited school complete a 42-48 hour program.

The Master of Science in Social Work program provides opportunities to develop courses of independent study with individual faculty and/or take elective courses in other university graduate departments. In addition, electives and some required courses may be taken during the summer, enabling students to pursue additional interests or lighten their fall or spring course load. To accommodate most schedules, the School offers required courses during daytime and evening hours.

Program Option Typical Course Load Number of Semesters Start Semester
Two Year 15 Hours 4 Fall
Two and a Half Year 6-12 Hours 7 Spring
Three Year 9-12 Hours 6 Fall
Three and a Half Year 6-9 Hours 10 Fall
One Year (BSW Degree) 6-15 Hours 4 Summer
One and a Half Year (BSW Degree) 6-12 Hours 5 Spring

Templates of study options for each program are available as a PDF.

Please note: Course load may affect financial aid determinations.