Students in professor Fong classClinical Social Work

Students graduating from the Clinical Social Work concentration at The University of Texas at Austin will possess advanced competence in clinical technologies to become leaders in the provision of human services specific to practice with individuals, families, groups, and communities within a community-based practice context.

Leadership in clinical social work practice is the ability to act in ways that are guided by a sense of vision, compassion, the disciplined use of knowledge to affect change, to value complexity and to accept ambiguity in human endeavors, and to use power and authority appropriately and effectively. Moreover, through their skilled applications of clinical technologies, leaders in clinical social work have the capacity to discern and articulate threats to human well-being, challenge conditions that advance psychosocial dysfunction, injustice, and oppression, and to heal and empower other human beings. More about the Clinical concentration.

Administration and Policy Practice Concentration (APP)

The Administration and Policy Practice (APP) concentration curriculum offers focused and flexible curriculum options grounded in social work theory, research, practice, and values. Advanced APP courses are offered in human services leadership, information systems and communication, and program evaluation. Specialized courses focus on strategic planning, grant writing, nonprofit management, human resource development, financial management, and advanced policy analysis depending on students’ professional interests. Experiential learning opportunities are also provided through intensive internships to meet MSSW degree requirements. In internships students work in community, organizational, and public service settings and receive quality, hands-on supervision both in the field and the classroom. More about the APP concentration.