Study Abroad Programs

The School of Social Work offers study abroad programs for bachelor’s (BSW) and master’s (MSSW) students in coordination with the The University of Texas at Austin’s International Office.

Study Abroad by Major (for BSW students only)

abroadGet exposure to international social issues and learn through diverse human interactions while studying abroad as a social work major. The International Office’s Study Abroad by Major provides the opportunity to couple classroom knowledge with first-hand experience of international social issues and communities while taking courses that advance you toward your degree in social work.
Find more information in this brochure, Study Abroad for Social Work Majors (pdf), or contact the BSW academic advisor, Alexis George at or (512) 471-5457.


Summer  programs  abroad led by school of social work faculty (for BSW and MSSW students)
London, England Maymester – Roots of Social and Economic Justice

londonThrough immersion into London city life, students deepen their understanding of social justice, experience the diversity and multicultural landscape of London, and explore the historical roots of social welfare and social work.  Since London is one of the world’s most diverse and multicultural cities, the city itself is a classroom. Students visit social service agencies, places of religious worship, ethnic neighborhoods, and receive lectures by eminent scholars.  Students’ learning culminates through an in-depth project exploring a contemporary social justice issue in conjunction with local social service agencies. Find out more about the London Maymester.


Oaxaca, Mexico Summer Program – Global Health

Oaxaca is a vibrant colonial city and also a place of contrasts, where people face complex health challenges common in resource-poor communities. Because migration from Oaxaca to the United States has been significant, the area is an excellent context in which to learn about the impact of migration on health. This course provides students with cultural and Spanish language competency skills and introduces them to global health topics. Find out more about the Oaxaca Summer Program.


Accra, Ghana Maymester – Community & Social Development  (Canceled for 2016)

ghanaStudents on this program examine the role of colonialism, cultural history and social policy in influencing the prevailing societal issues in Ghana.  Students explore various agency programs, non-governmental organizations and indigenous projects that are actively responding to Ghana’s major social service needs. The course focuses on community and social development areas such as poverty, child welfare, women and family services, health and disability services, housing and migration concerns, employment and technology development, and environmental protection in rural and urban communities. Find out more about the Accra Maymester.