Before You Apply

The decision to begin a master’s program in social work is an important one. It is vital to make sure you are choosing an institution and a program that best fit your needs. The following steps will help you determine whether social work is right for you, and provide more information about our masters’ program:

  1.  Ensure that The University of Texas at Austin is the right fit for you by visiting our Why Choose UT Austin page. You may wish to visit the university’s Graduate School page as well.
  2.  Ensure that social work is the right profession for you by visiting our Why Choose Social Work page.
  3.  Explore our MSSW program.
  4.  Request an MSSW information packet.
  5.  Attend an information session. Find dates for upcoming information sessions here.
  6.  View the MSSW checklist (PDF). It may be helpful as you complete your graduate application.
  7. Contact the Director of Student and Community Affairs Ramon Gomez at (512) 471-9819 or with any additional questions.