After You Apply

Salas-Wright, Christopher in his classroom 2014After application submission, it is your responsibility to monitor your application status and ensure that all documents have been received by the university. Please visit MyStatus to view the status of your materials.

Review Process

All complete applications are independently evaluated by members of the social work graduate faculty review committee and are then sent to the assistant dean for master’s programs for final review and recommendation. The associate dean/graduate advisor then forwards recommendations to the vice provost and dean of graduate studies.

Applicants are admitted on a competitive basis, considering GPA, letters of reference, employment and volunteer history, and the applicant’s personal narrative statements. Although a GPA of 3.0 is desired for admission, the average GPA of our admitted applicants is significantly higher.

Acceptance or denial of applications is based upon expert faculty judgment, reflecting the relative ranking of the applicant among applicants in the following areas: human service motivation, academic potential, interpersonal effectiveness, capacity for sustained effort, communication skills, contribution to diversity. Therefore, denial of admission does not necessarily mean that the applicant could not have successfully completed the program; rather, that there were stronger applicants in the pool.


All applicants are notified of admission decisions as soon as they are made. These decisions are sent electronically and by U.S. mail (no admission decisions are given by telephone). Notifications typically begin six to eight weeks after the priority deadline and continue on a rolling basis throughout the admissions cycle.

MSSW Enrollment Deposit

Applicants admitted to the Steve Hicks School of Social Work MSSW program will be required to submit a $150 (non-refundable) enrollment deposit to indicate acceptance of the offer of admission.

The deposit will be applied to the payment of tuition and fees when the student enrolls. Details regarding payment deadlines and processing will be included in admissions materials.

Admission with Conditions

Most students who enter the Graduate School are admitted as regular students and have qualifications equal to or higher than the usual standards. A limited number of exceptions to these standards may be granted to applicants demonstrating the capability and qualifications for master’s level study in social work.

The Graduate Studies Committee may recommend that a student be admitted with conditions. The associate dean/graduate advisor may require that a student maintain a certain grade point average, take a certain number of hours of course work, or remedy deficiencies in undergraduate preparation. A student who does not fulfill the conditions within the specified time may be barred from subsequent registration in the Graduate School.

Admission to an Extended Program of Study

Part-time students must follow the approved sequenced curriculum plan and should not assume that courses will be offered in any other sequence. The Steve Hicks School of Social Work will offer required academic courses during evening hours but cannot guarantee that the program can be completed only at night or only during the day. Also, the field internship experience cannot be completed only at night. At least eight hours must be completed during the work week, as a full day or two half-days. Because the program is highly structured and course work must be completed in sequence, students considering extended enrollment should plan carefully to ensure successful completion.

Admission to Post-BSW track

See requirements for admission to the post-BSW track.

Admission as a Transfer student

See requirements for admission as a transfer student.