Field Settings

Field education provides an intensive learning environment in community settings for bachelor’s and master’s level students. In their field placements, students learn alongside veteran social workers and administrators, and experience their classroom instruction in action for others.

The School of Social Work selects agencies and organizations as field instruction sites on the basis of their commitment to service-delivery and providing learning opportunities. These are some of the field settings where our students have been recently placed:

lawSocial work students interning at UT Austin School of Law’s Children’s Rights Clinic provide needed expertise for legal teams and advocate on behalf of clients.

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Lovely grandmotherMaster’s students in the GRACE program do their fieldwork in agencies that make a positive impact in the lives of  older adults, such as Age of Central Texas and H.A.N.D.

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Weiss Spirit ReinsGrace Weiss discovered what her dream job looked like while doing her final field internship at Spirit Reins, a nonprofit ranch with the mission of transforming the lives of children and families through trauma-informed therapy services.

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HBRTMaster’s students in the IBH program learn to work alongside with doctors and nurses in field settings such as CommUnity Care Health Centers and the Integrated Behavioral Health Clinics of Austin Travis County Integral Care.

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Cal Farelys gateSocial work students get a 24/7 final field experience at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, a modern community of boys and girls from pre-school through high school who live in group homes with house parents and a supportive community.

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Meghann Flynn GermanyIn spring 2013, social work students completed more than 540 hours of field work in Veterans Administration (VA) facilities in Austin, Killeen, and San Antonio in Texas; Madison in Wisconsin; and at a medical facility in Germany.

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Christy Camp South Africa

From India to South Africa and Costa Rica, international field placements give social work students the opportunity to be fully immersed in a different culture and learn how to navigate systems that are sometimes radically different to those at home.

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