Loeb Graduate Fellowship in Social Work Established

AUSTIN, Texas – The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work is pleased to announce the establishment of the Margery Engel Loeb and Robert H. Loeb Graduate Fellowship in Social Work. This endowment will greatly benefit deserving graduate students interested in social justice by defraying the cost of tuition, fees, and books, allowing them to focus on attaining a quality education.

The Loebs are business owners in Victoria, Texas, and longtime supporters of the School of Social Work. Margery is president of Loeb & Associates, LLC, a firm she founded in 1978, that provides advisement on the complex issues confronting family-owned businesses. Her husband, Robert, is president of Robert Loeb and Company, LLC, a professional consulting organization.

Margery Engel Loeb served for many years as a member of the School of Social Work Advisory Council. She received a master’s degree in social work from UT Austin. With her advanced degree, Loeb offers specialized skills to clients in resolving communication issues and enhancing group and individual interactions among family and business participants. A respected researcher on family business issues, she has authored or been quoted in numerous articles for Family Business magazine, Money Magazine, and the Journal of Financial Planning.

“As a graduate of the UT Austin School of Social Work, I have had the benefit of being grounded in research, training, values and excellence that comes from this very special school,” said Loeb.

“Through the years, Robert and I have watched as the school became more recognized within the University of Texas family and nationally. We appreciate that we are now able to fund a fellowship that will enable deserving graduate students to receive this wonderful education and training.

We are hopeful that recipients of the Margery Engel Loeb and Robert H. Loeb Graduate Fellowship in Social Work will use this knowledge to help create a more just and fair society for all.”

Photo: © 2012 Kevin Jordan