Building and equipment
  • Building maintenance: Call the dean’s office or the research office if you detect any problems with building maintenance (lights, commode, air conditioning, etc.). Their staff will notify Facilities Services.
  • Room requests: To check availability of classrooms, conference rooms, and Utopia Theater, please visit this page. To reserve a classroom, please contact the dean’s office. Conference rooms and Utopian Theater can be reserved online.
  • Extra keys / Master key: Supervisors must present a key request letter to dean’s office staff to obtain a key for a student or employee (please provide student’s or new employee’s name, EID, and office number). If you are locked out of your office or need a key to a room for some other reason during business hours, please contact the dean’s office for the master key during business hours, and UT Police outside of business hours.
  • Use of university facilities, equipment or other resources: see policy memorandum 6.101 in the Handbook of Operating Procedures (University Policy Office).
  • Taking equipment off campus: See policy memorandum 6.101 in the Handbook of Operating Procedures (University Policy Office).
  • Inventory: The school follows guidelines outlined in Part 16 of the Handbook of Business Procedures (Financial and Administrative Services).
  • Use of university facilities by outside groups: The university can be a joint sponsor for an outside group. See policy memorandum 6.103 in the Handbook of Operating Procedures (University Policy Office).
  • Smoking: The University of Texas at Austin prohibits the use of all forms of tobacco products on university property. See  Policy 2.A.2 in the Handbook of Operating Procedures (University Policy Office).
  • Permits: For parking permits, event parking, football parking, etc. please visit Parking and Transportation Services.
  • Visitor Parking: Contact the dean’s office about validating parking for visitors.
UT Austin Police

The UT Austin Police can be contacted at 471-4441. Call the police if you see any suspicious activity, receive suspicious packages or letters, or need an escort to your vehicle late at night.

Emergency information

The Dean’s Administrative Office recommends all faculty and staff to submit name and phone number of at least two people who should be called in case of an emergency.

Official letterhead and brand guidelines

The school’s letterhead should only be used for official school business. Printed letterhead can be found in the copy room; to obtain a digital version, contact the dean’s office. For school’s brand guidelines and applications (including logo, color palette, branded slides, etc.), please go to this page.