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The Steve Hicks School of Social Work has two copy machines. One is located in the copier room on the third floor of SSW (3.102) and one is located in the mailroom in the south wing (2.204). The codes to use are posted on the machines. In addition to those, the Office of the Associate Dean for Research also has a copy machine (3.200) to be used for research projects. For assistance with the copiers, please see Susie Marsh  (SSW 2.222) for 2nd floor copier and Cindy Maciel-Reyes (SSW 3.116A) for 3rd floor copier. Both copiers also have scanning and emailing capabilities.  You can add your own email address to those machines or contact Chief Business Officer in the Dean’s Administrative Offices to have your email added.

Copy Codes

Copy codes for the school copiers are issued at the Dean’s Office. The Office of the Associate Dean for Research also issues and maintains copier charges and codes. Users should be careful to use the proper code for the proper purpose so that the correct account is charged at the end of the month.

Fax Machines

The school has several fax machines. These are the current fax numbers and fax machine locations:

User Room Phone Number
Adjunct Office SSW 3.104A 232-2165
Center for Social Work Research SSW 3.208 471-9514
Dean’s Administrative Office SSW 2.202E 471-7268
Hartland Off campus 232-0613 or 232-0617
Main Number (Mailroom) SSW 2.204 471-9600
Professional Development SSW 3.116B 232-3700

Instructions for their use are posted near each machine. Cover sheets are available for sending faxes. However, you should use the rubber stamp located near each machine whenever possible in order to save paper. The rubber stamps provide a space to write the same information that would be found on a cover sheet.


Campus and U.S. mail

The mail drop box is located in the hallway across from SSW 2.140 classroom. Campus Mail service is for UT business use only. To send materials via Campus Mail, please use a Campus Mail envelope (available in the mail room). The service requires use of Campus Mail codes to insure delivery. The Steve Hicks School of Social Work’s Campus Mail code is D3500. A listing of all codes is available in the front of the UT telephone directory or in the Mail Services page.

Departmental mail

The Handbook of Operating Procedures, Section 6.07, specifies that campus mail privileges shall be limited to:

  • A. Official budgetary units in the conduct of university business, and
  • B. Registered faculty or staff organizations which have been certified to use campus mail by the appropriate executive officer.

Every faculty and staff member has a mail box in the copier room (SSW 2.204). If you have materials which you would like to give to another faculty or staff member, please put the materials in his/her mailbox. Distribution of materials for all faculty and staff takes place via these mailboxes.

Interagency mail

The State Purchasing and General Services Commission (SPGSC) operates the Interagency Mail Service which delivers mail, postage free, to all state agencies in Austin. Use of this service is now required by law (it is now illegal to place postage on Interagency Mail). Pickup and delivery is provided daily at University Mail Service. To utilize this service, address your mail to the designated state agency and use the endorsement “INTERAGENCY MAIL” in the upper right hand corner, in the area where the postage stamp is normally placed, and deposit the item in a campus mail box. The SPGSC also delivers according to Agency Name, not by street address or building name.

Large mailings

If you intend to do a large mailing (for example, a survey to several hundred people), please see the Dean’s Administrative Office staff for information on bulk mailing. The Dean’s Administrative Office or Office of the Associate Dean for Research must also make sure that the proper account is charged for the mailing.

Materials sent in school letterhead envelopes via U.S. mail

Materials sent in a school letterhead envelope via U.S. mail will be metered by the University Mail Service (UMS) and do not need postage. For larger manila envelopes or small packages, please use a pre-printed school letterhead label. Envelopes with this label will also be metered by the UMS and do not need postage. A rubber stamp is also available from the Administrative or Faculty Support Office staff which will produce a return address which will also be accepted by the UMS. Mail which does not have one of these three official return addresses will not be delivered without postage. An account number needs to be indicated for research mail and all other non-school routine mail and large mailings. Please contact the Chief Business Officer for school accounts, or the Office the Associate Dean for Research for research accounts.

Overnight mail

The university has a contract with overnight mail services. The school uses Federal Express. Pick-up can be scheduled by calling 1-800-463-3339 (GO FEDEX).  Prepare your express mailing using the appropriate billing form (school or research) and bring it to the Dean’s Office. Log your mailing on the log sheet and make sure you have filled out the Billing Reference section so that we know which account to charge.  Although our contract gives us a significant discount on overnight mail costs, the service should still be used only when absolutely necessary. Also consider checking the box for next day afternoon delivery or 2nd day. Most overnight mail does not need to be at the destination in the morning. Choosing afternoon or 2nd day delivery will save the School some funds.

Student mail

If a student is employed by the school, we use the supervisor’s mailbox to place the student’s UT mail. Personal bank account statements and such are not to be sent to the school address.


Access Code

An access code is needed to make long-distance calls from a school telephone. If you need an access code, please contact the Dean’s Administrative Office. Research projects should also have a specific code so that calls can be properly charged. However, please keep in mind that the code is issued to a person, not a project. Most access codes cannot be used for international calls. If you need to make an international call, please check with the Dean’s Administrative Office staff. Access codes should be carefully guarded. You should try to memorize your code, and you should never write your code in an obvious place (such as near your phone).

Automatic Redial

If you dial “##” (the pound symbol twice) your phone will automatically redial the last number you dialed.


The school’s telephones operate on the university system. To dial an off-campus number, you must dial 9, and then the phone number. To dial an on-campus number, you must dial the last five digits of the number (campus numbers start with 1, 2 or 5).

Forwarding calls

Almost all phones are programmed automatically so that all calls will go to your voice mail box after four rings or if you are on the line. Some staff phones have slightly different features. If you need to change the forwarding configuration on your phone, please contact the Dean’s Administrative Office.

Long distance

Long-distance usage is carefully tracked by the university and the school. Notices of long-distance usage are emailed to all faculty and staff every month. Those notices should be reviewed to make sure that they are correct. If there are any discrepancies with the notices, please notify the Dean’s Office.

Picking up other phones

In some office areas of the school, if you dial “77,” you can answer another phone in your immediate area (such as your suite). This is a convenient feature if, for example, your neighbor is expecting an important call. You do not have to get up from your desk and pick up their receiver. Some staff phones also have a “pickup” button on their phones.

Putting callers on hold

If your phone does not have a hold button, simply tap the hook flash once to put your caller on hold. Tap it again to get your caller back on the line.

Transferring calls

With most phones, calls can be transferred by tapping the hook flash (the same part of the phone that you depress when you wish to hang up), and then dialing the extension you wish to transfer to (the last five digits of the phone). You can then either announce the call or simply hang up and let the call go through. Some staff phones have a “transfer” button.

Voice mail

All telephones in SSW have voice mail capability. If you need help programming your voice mail, please contact the Dean’s Administrative Office or the Office of the Associate Dean for Research.