Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott

I am interested in poverty and what it constitutes and means to live in poverty, both for the people that occupy this status and for those who measure and craft policy in attempt to alleviate or eliminate this status. I am particularly interested in the creative ways in which people collectively resist poverty, what they do to meet their baseline needs and try to get ahead. This encompasses maintaining low-wage jobs, to sharing household chores and goods, to participating in organizations and social movements. I work predominantly with undocumented immigrants and low-wage workers in Texas. I am interested in how the way we understand how people and communities survive informs (or doesn’t inform) poverty reduction and social safety net policies and how it could more intentionally do so.

Professional Interests

Poverty, marginalization, community resistance strategies, social movements, public policy, community organizing, postcolonialism, labor, low-wage work, undocumented migration, critical pedagogy


  • MS in Social Work and Master's in International Affairs, Columbia University
  • BS in Biology and Philosophy, Trinity College

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Mailing Address

The University of Texas
School of Social Work
1925 San Jacinto Blvd
Austin, TX 78712-0358