Lauren Sustaita, Administrative Assistant, is a remarkable individual whose journey through an eclectic array of professional endeavors, including executive administrative positions and yoga instruction, has left her deeply humbled. Lauren’s knack for guiding individuals in both administrative and holistic realms has not only polished her communication and interpersonal skills but has also emboldened her to be a beacon of positivity within her community. Sharing the principles of yoga and holistic studies with people of all ages has truly become a wellspring of joy and fulfillment for her.

Beyond her work, Lauren discovers solace and inspiration through art, indulging in various artistic mediums that offer her a canvas to express her innate creativity. Moreover, her enthusiasm for international films acts as a gateway to diverse cultures and perspectives, further enriching her global outlook. Her engaging conversations with friends and family also play a pivotal role in nurturing her unquenchable thirst for knowledge and personal growth.