James Green

James Green

Program Coordinator

James Green is a program coordinator with the Steve Hicks School of Social Work’s Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health. He received his bachelor of science in healthcare administration from Southwest Texas State University. He committed himself to improving state health services early on through his work with the Texas Department of Health, Texas Department of State Health Services and Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse. His tenure at The University of Texas began in December 2000. He began working for the Steve Hicks School of Social Work in 2005. He values the dedication TIEMH staff has in helping people recover. James finds joy in spending time with his daughter, gardening, biking and discussing politics.


Hartland Plaza (HLP)


Mailing Address

The University of Texas at Austin
Steve Hicks School of Social Work
1717 W 6th Street 335
STOP R5000
Austin, TX 78703