Lora Lee Pederson Staff Excellence Award Nomination Form

Use the form below for nominations for the Lora Lee Pederson Staff Excellence Award for the current academic year. This is an annual award to recognize excellence in service to the School and The University. The award is named for Lora Lee Pederson, the first Dean of the School. Traditionally the winner is recognized at our School's graduation ceremony. Staff, faculty, and student participation is an important part of the selection process.

The criteria for nomination are:

  1. a minimum of 18 months continuous employment in a non-teaching position at the School by March 1, 2015 (employed by October 1, 2013);
  2. at least two nominations of an individual.

The process for selection will include:

  1. seeking nominations from faculty, staff, and students;
  2. review of nominations by the Executive Committee;
  3. seeking additional information from nominees, if necessary.

Past award winners in chronological order are:

Susan Trammell, Karen Standifer, Teri Carter, Julie Cunniff, Joyce Hunter, Patricia Black, Susan Ayers-Lopez, Kelly Larson, Eve Falcon-Korems, John Trapp, Mary Ann Kwiatkowski, Sammie McCown, Jason McCrory, Jennifer Luna-Iduñate, Julie Cunniff, Beau Nelson, Suzanne Ewing-Brethé, Egídio Leitão, Susan Inman, Kim Durham, Hollee Ganner, Liz Nowicki, Susie Marsh, Andrea Montgomery, Marian Ascencio, Carol Lewis, Robert Canon, Ramon Gomez, Kristen Kessel, Diana Villarreal, Anita Prewitt, Lizet Villagrana.

NOMINATIONS DUE BY: Friday, April 24, 2015

Nomination Form

If your nominee is not listed, please contact Julie Cunniff or Egídio Leitão.

Please enter your first and last names. If a group is making this nomination, please enter only one name here. The other names should be entered in the "Reason for Nomination" section below.

(Please enter a brief statement supporting your nomination of this employee.)