Lecturer Teaching Excellence Award Nomination Form

Use the form below to submit nominations for the Lecturer Teaching Excellence Award. This award honors a social work lecturer who has demonstrated the highest levels of excellence in classroom teaching through the transmission of knowledge, social work values, and professional competence. Lecturers are well-regarded and successful members of the social work community, and serve a critical role in teaching the School of Social Work's curriculum.

The Lecturer Teaching Excellence award recipient will be announced at the annual UT School of Social Work Awards Luncheon in late spring.

The criteria for nomination are:

  1. evidence of excellent teaching ability by a lecturer at the BSW, MSSW or Ph.D. levels at the UT School of Social Work;
  2. at least two nominations of an individual.

The process for selection will include:

  1. seeking nominations from faculty and students;
  2. review of nominations by the Executive Committee;
  3. seeking additional information from nominees, if necessary.

Past award winners in chronological order are:

Shane Walley, Holly Bell, Mitch Sudolsky, Suze Miller, Ruth Fagan-Wilen, Sarah Kyle, Margaret Basset.

NOMINATIONS DUE BY: Friday, April 24, 2015

Nomination Form

If your nominee is not listed, please contact Julie Cunniff or Egídio Leitão.

Please enter your first and last names. If a group is making this nomination, please enter only one name here. The other names should be entered in the "Reason for Nomination" section below.

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