Post a Job Position

The DiNitto Center offers employers the ability to post jobs directly to students and alumni. Register your agency at our Steer Your Career site. This service is available now and is absolutely free! Created with you in mind, this new site provides participating employers the ability to:

  • Visit our centralized online location to post and manage an unlimited number of jobs
  • Set parameters for your job openings
  • Receive email reminders when a candidates applies for a job and when your posting is about to expire.
  • Conduct a search of qualified candidates, field resumes, and set up interviews.
  • Register online for our non profit and government career fair.
  • Much more!

All job submissions are reviewed and approved/rejected based upon the information contained in the postings. Postings must adhere to the following criteria:

  • All jobs posted must be career-related/professionally-oriented and require candidates pursuing or already possessing a university degree.
  • All job postings must be paid or salaried. If you have an unpaid internship, please see our internship positions page or contact us.
  • Third-party recruiters (e.g., employment agencies) may post specific positions as long as the hiring client’s info is fully disclosed. Third-party recruiters may not post general advertisement(s) to solicit candidates for their services.
  • In accordance with UT System Regent’s Rules & Regulations, job postings with the following requirements are ineligible (see campus-wide policy here for details):
    1. Positions requiring or asking employees to market products/services on the UT Austin campus. Examples include campus brand ambassador and similar positions.
    2. Fee-based programs. Examples include fee-based training programs, fee-based placements or positions requiring the purchase of supplies or a training kit.
    3. Postings advertising events, services or programs (e.g., career fairs, test prep, etc.).

If you have any questions, please email or call 512-232-7362