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Jennifer Luna Jackson

Jennifer Luna Jackson, is the director of the DiNitto Center for Career Services. She brings 17 years of experience in career development for the School of Social Work students and alumni seeking employment in the nonprofit, for profit and public services sector. Her career spans across a broad spectrum of  practice areas, including traditional and non-traditional  social work, and education in which she served as an administrator for career services, speaker, trainer and career consultant.

This is Jennifer’s vision for the DiNitto Center for Career Services:

“To be a leading, comprehensive, nationally recognized social work career services center committed to delivering the highest level of innovative services to students, alumni and employers. These services are intended to positively influence the status of the profession of social work, the School of Social Work, and The University of Texas at Austin.”

Jennifer has a master’s degree in social work with a concentration in administration and planning. Her experience includes serving as the director of social work career services at The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work from its inception in 1995. She is an active participant of the National Career Development in Social Work Education Group, National Association of Social Workers, and the Coalition for Careers in the Non-Profit Sector. For over ten years, Jennifer has presented nationally and regionally on a variety of social work career development topics.

Jennifer Luna Jackson
Director, DiNitto Center for Career Services
Phone: (512) 475-8131
Fax: (512) 471-9600
E-Mail: jlunajackson@austin.utexas.edu