IDVSA Research & Publications

IDVSA’s research focuses on national and local concerns regarding assistance to survivors of interpersonal violence and their interactions with agencies designed to serve them, attitudes and practices of perpetrators that lead to violence, and new approaches to solving those problems. IDVSA’s research examines the intersection of issues of poverty, race, ethnicity, and gender and how these impact the experience of violence.

Domestic Violence

  • Statewide Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence in Texas 2011 (PDF)
  • The 34th Judicial District Attorney Takes on Family Violence Crime: An Evaluation of the 24 Hour Contact Initiative (PDF)

Human Trafficking

  • Survivors Speak Out: A Research Study on Human Trafficking Victims 2009 (PDF)
  • Evaluation of Central Texas Coalition against Human Trafficking 2007 (PDF)
  • Understanding Human Trafficking: Development of Typologies of Human Traffickers Phase I (PDF)
  • In Brief – Understanding Human Trafficking: Development of Typologies of Traffickers Phase II (PDF)
  • A Passionate Practice: Addressing the Needs of Commercially Sexually Exploited Teenagers (PDF)
  • Human Trafficking in Texas – A Statewide Evaluation of Existing Laws and Services (PDF)

Resiliency in Service Providers

  • A Gecko’s Guide to Building Resiliency in Child Abuse Staff and Volunteers (PDF)
  • Study on need for self-care programs in Texas (PDF)

Sexual Assault

  • Health and Well-Being: Statewide Sexual Assault Prevalence Study, Final Report (PDF)
  • Non-Report Sexual Assault Evidence Program: Forging New Victim-Centered Practices in Texas June 2011 (PDF)
  • Sexual Assault Needs Assessment in Texas: Documenting Existing Conditions and Striving Toward Preferred Outcomes (PDF)
  • Statewide Prevalence Study of Sexual Assault in Texas (PDF)

Sexually Oriented Businesses

  • An Assessment of the Adult Entertainment Industry in Texas: Executive Summary March 2009 (PDF)
  • An Assessment of the Adult Entertainment Industry in Texas Final Report March 2009 (PDF)

Teen Dating Violence

  • An Evaluation of the Texas Team’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Toolkit (PDF)
  • Evaluation of the Dating Violence Prevention Project: The Use of Theatre as an Educational Tool – Final Report (DOC)

Violence Against Women and Forced Migration

  • Unsettled Integration: Pre- and Post-Migration Factors in Congolese Refugee Women’s Resettlement Experiences in the United States (LINK)
  • The Continuity of Risk: A three-city study of Congolese women-at-risk resettled in the U.S. (PDF)


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