Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Institute on Domestic Violence and AssaultMission: To advance knowledge about interpersonal violence. IDVSA accomplishes this through research, education, and service in multidisciplinary, strategic partnerships with researchers, educators, practitioners, policy makers, and other members of our community.

Vision: Our efforts enhance the quality and relevance of research findings, their application in service provision, and ultimately, their benefit to survivors of interpersonal violence, and those who assist them. That vision is realized in our focus on human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, and resiliency in child abuse professionals.

IDVSA is a collaboration of partners from The University of Texas at Austin – the School of Social Work, School of Law, and School of Nursing  and the Bureau of Business Research.  IDVSA’s Director and Principal Investigator is Noël Busch-Armendariz. The Co-Principal Investigators are Jeana Lungwitz and Bruce Kellison.  The Associate Director for Research is Laurie Cook Heffron.

IDVSA is supported through generous contributions from the RGK Foundation, the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, the Shield-Ayres Foundation, and The University of Texas School of Social Work and the School of Law.

What’s New on the Site

Download the preliminary findings from the study, Health and Well-Being: Statewide Sexual Assault Prevalence (PDF).

Read the report, The Continuity of Risk: A 3-city study of Congolese women-at-risk resettled in the U.S., a resource to inform resettlement policy and practice.

IDVSA embarks on study, Health and Well-Being: Statewide Sexual Assault Prevalence Study (2014-2015), a follow-up to Statewide Prevalence Study of Sexual Assault in Texas (2003).

Access the Law Enforcement Toolkit, a resource to improve engagement of adult victims of non-stranger sexual assault.

Read about IDVSA’s research on survivors of human trafficking, “Human Trafficking Victims and Their Children:  Assessing Needs, Vulnerabilities, Strengths, and Survivorship.