HBRT Projects

Members of the HBRT team are engaged in a variety of federally funded research and training projects, ranging from randomized controlled trials testing behavioral interventions to the training of medical practitioners in use of brief interventions in various clinical settings. A representative selection of current and recently completed projects conducted at CSWR-HBRT include:

Current Projects

Other Recent Projects

Notable earlier research projects which our investigators participated in include:

  • Project CHOICES: A Randomized Clinical Trial for Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Among High-Risk Women (CDC -U84 CCU614576 / PI: M. Velasquez)
  • Smoking Relapse Prevention Among Postpartum Women (NCI R01 CA089350 / PI: D. Wetter)
  • STD Testing in Young Women, A Stage-Based Approach (NIAID R01 A147341 / PI: M. Chacko)
  • Preventing Alcohol Exposed Pregnancy After a Jail Term (NIAAA R01 AA12514 / PI: P. Mullen)
  • Developing Alcohol-Related HIV Preventive Interventions (NIAAA / PI: J. Parsons)
  • PROJECT MATCH: (UH-VA Alcoholism Treatment Matching Clinical Research Unit) (NIAAA / PI: C. DiClemente)
  • Project CHECK-IN: Program Evaluation of the Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility (CSAT / PI: J. Carbonari)
  • Efficacy of Ultrasound and Motivational Enhancement in Prenatal Smoking Cessation (RWJ / PI: J. Graff)
  • Combined Behavioral/Psychopharmalogic Treatment of Alcoholism (NIAAA / PI: B. Johnson)