About The Center (CSWR)

Center for Social Work ResearchResearch projects at the UT Austin School of Social Work are administered through The Center for Social Work Research (CSWR). The Center was founded in 1974 to facilitate interdisciplinary, scientifically rigorous research endeavors. CSWR has since expanded to a nationally recognized research center whose faculty members and researchers are known for their expertise in the areas of substance abuse, child welfare, poverty and welfare reform, domestic violence, mental and behavioral health, and related topics.

research report coverBrowse our report, Research that Changes Lives to learn about current research projects(online reader, requires Flash Player) or download a printable version (pdf). You can also read research related stories or explore all projects on this website.

CSWR Director Dr. Noël B. Busch-Armendariz, Associate Dean for Research, is an internationally renowned researcher and trainer in the areas of interpersonal violence including domestic violence and sexual assault, human trafficking, refugees, and asylees. Dr. Busch-Armendariz leads the Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (IDVSA), a collaboration between four UT departments and over a 150 affiliate community organizations. IDVSA is funded by agencies such as National Institute for Justice and the Office of Victims of Crime and is recognized for hosting conferences for judges, lawyers, advocates, and law enforcement on how to be engaged or be an ethical expert witness.

Dr. Carol M. Lewis, Associate Director, oversees daily operations at CSWR and is the Chair of the Departmental Review for IRB proposals. Her research involves investigating reproductive choices and interventions for reducing unplanned pregnancy among young adults.

CSWR institutes include: