COVID-19 Trainings

Homeless Solutions Before, After and During COVID-19

This recorded program is available here and offers 1.5 CEUs 

Michael Nichols, JD, CEO of the Coalition on Homelessness of Houston, provided this recorded webinar on May 8, 2020, about responses to the complex topic of homelessness resources and services for homeless populations during this time of COVID-19.

Moving Therapy Online

FREE video and resource materials available • Access the 20 minute video summary here Download transcript and additional training materials here (PDF)

Deborah Sharp, LCSW, offers guidelines for successfully moving your clinical therapy practice online.
The 20 minute video summary of the presentation content is available for viewing, along with presentation transcript and additional resource materials.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Peer-Based Substance Use Recovery Supports and Services

 Recorded video presentation available here and offers 1.5 CEUs

Co-sponsored by the South Southwest Addictions Technology Transfer Center

Robin Peyson, MPHA, reviews the model of Peer Recovery Support Services (PRSS) developed by SAMHSA, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted recovery services in Central Texas.

Helping social workers respond to crisis: Theoretical framework and practical strategies to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

FREE of charge –  Access this 57-minute video hereDownload the training slides (PDF) –  Download the training handout (PDF)

Steve Hicks School of Social Work professors Cynthia Franklin and Jack Nowicki, and doctoral student Weiwen Zeng delivered a remote crisis-intervention training using the Solution-Focused approach for social workers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan, China, This is video-recording of the training as it was adapted and delivered to the Dell Medical School’s Department of Health Social Work on March 20, 2020.