Certificate in Public Safety

Austin policeman

Photo by Martin do Nascimento

The School of Social Work at The University of Texas at Austin has launched a Certificate in Public Safety at the undergraduate level. Social work students can register for certificate-approved courses in fall 2017. Certificates will be awarded starting in fall 2018, when the new university catalog is effective.

The certificate provides undergraduate social work students with coursework and learning opportunities that prepare them for careers in public safety settings such as law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services, and emergency management at the local, state, and national levels.

“We are excited about this new certificate program,” said Allan Cole, senior associate dean for academic affairs in the School of Social Work. “It opens new career possibilities for our students, and it allows social work values—such as commitment to social justice—and social work skills—such as empathic listening—inform positive change in a range of human service contexts.”

The certificate will be awarded to students whose successful completion of the bachelor in social work program includes six courses with a public safety focus. One of those courses requires 120 hours of service learning in an approved public safety setting.

For more information, please contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, BSWadvising@austin.utexas.edu or call (512) 471-5457.