Degree Requirements

Salas-Wright classroom 2014The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree includes coursework with an emphasis on academic/theoretical material as well as skills and practice experience. Social work course descriptions can be found here.

All BSW students begin the program as pre-social work majors. Social work pre-majors take approximately two years to fulfill the requirements to apply for the social work upper division major sequence.

After fulfilling pre-social work major requirements, eligible students may apply to the upper division social work major sequence. Students admitted to the major take primarily social work courses in their junior and senior years, and complete a supervised internship, or field practicum, in a social services agency in the last semester. Social work majors are expected to complete required upper division social work courses in three or four long semesters.

Required Social Work Courses

  • Social Welfare Policy:
    • SW 310 Intro to Social Work and Social Welfare
    • SW 323K Social Welfare Programs, Polices, and Issues
  • Research:
    • SW 313 Social Work Research Methods
    • SW 318 Social Work Statistics
  • Human Behavior:
    • SW 325 Foundations of Social Justice
    • SW 327 Human Behavior and Social Environment
  • Social Work Practice:
    • SW 312 Generalist Social Work Practice: Knowledge, Values, & Skills
    • SW 332 Social Work Practice with Individual and Families
    • SW 333 Social Work Practice with Groups
    • SW 334 Social Work Practice in Organizations and Communities
  • Field Practicum:
    • SW 640 Social work Practicum I
    • SW 641 Social Work Practicum II
    • SW 444 Advance Field Seminar

Degree Plans and Approved Course Lists

Degree plans show you the catalog requirements you will need to graduate. Catalogs specify degree requirements, policies, and procedures that govern your graduation. In general, catalog assignment is based on your first semester enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin or at another Texas public college or university after graduating high school. You are eligible for any “active” catalog that corresponds with any semester/year of your enrollment at UT. Keep in mind that catalogs expire after six years and are then no longer “active.” Speak with your academic advisor to discuss catalog options.

Sample Four-Year Plans

Interactive Degree Audits

An Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) allows you to see where your completed coursework is counting toward the BSW degree requirements. IDAs also show you what degree requirements you are lacking. Prospective students can generate their own audits under the bachelors of social work degree plan (you do not have to be enrolled but you do need to create an UT eid).

To create a degree audit or view an existing one, go to the IDA website.

When viewing an existing degree audit, be sure to click “rerun audit” if there have been any changes to your schedule or record since the original audit was created.