Degree Requirements

Salas-Wright classroom 2014The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree includes 125 hours of coursework, with an emphasis on academic/theoretical material as well as skills and practice experience.

All BSW students begin the program as pre-social work majors. Social work pre-majors take approximately 2 years to fulfill the requirements to apply for the social work upper division major sequence.

After fulfilling pre-social work major requirements, eligible students may apply to the upper division social work major sequence. Students admitted to the major take primarily social work courses in their junior and senior years, and complete a supervised internship, or field practicum, in a social services agency in the last semester. Due to the way courses are sequenced, social work majors are expected to complete required upper division social work courses in three or four long semesters.

Required Social Work Courses

  • Social Welfare Policy: SW 310, SW 323K
  • Research: SW 313, SW 318
  • Human Behavior: SW 325, SW 327
  • Social Work Practice: SW 312, SW 332, SW 333, SW 334
  • Field Practicum: SW 640, SW 641, SW 444

Degree Plans and Approved Course Lists