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Associate Dean for Research Catherine Cubbin is an expert  in using epidemiological methods to better understand socioeconomic and racial/ethnic inequalities in health for the purpose of informing policy. Specific areas of her research include using contextual analysis to investigate how neighborhood environments may explain social inequalities in health, and the measurement of socioeconomic status/position in studies of racial/ethnic disparities in health. Using national and statewide representative data sets, she has studied social inequalities in injuries, cardiovascular disease, health behaviors, mortality, and maternal, infant, and adolescent health. She has published widely in public health and medical journals, including the American Journal of Public Health, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and the American Journal of Epidemiology.


Director Carol Lewis oversees daily operation of the Office of the ADR, and is the chair of the departmental review for IRB proposals. Her research interests include reproductive choices and interventions for reducing unplanned pregnancy among young adults.

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