April 22: Screening of Heaven’s Rain

Heavens RainIDVSA is screening Heaven’s Rain at the Utopia Theatre on Monday April 22, 7:00pm.  This screening is part of Crime Victim Rights Week, organized by members of the Victim Services Coalition.
Heaven’s Rain is an independent film that tells the story of the Douglass family from Oklahoma. In 1968, the mother and father (a minister) were brutally murdered, the 13 year old daughter was raped, and the 15-year old son, Brooks, was shot and left for dead. Brooks survived and went on to be elected a state senator in Oklahoma, where he passed Crime Victim Rights legislation. On a  tour of the state prison, he encountered one of the two men who had victimized his family. That encounter started the journey of forgiveness, which is shown in the film.
Brooks, who plays his father in the film, will be available for discussion after the screening.

Funding for this event is from a  grant from the Office for Victims of Crime.

The Utopia Theatre is a the School of Social Work, 1925 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin, TX 78712