Financing Your Education

Tuition and Fees

No #Photo by Marsha Miller/The University of Texas at AustinDetails of tuition, fees, and deposits can be found in the General Information catalog or on the university’s Student Accounts Receivable website. Registration fees are payable by the posted dates. In general, the cost of enrollment depends on the student’s residence status and the number of hours for which he/she registers. Applicants should contact the Graduate and International Admissions Center (512-475-7391) with questions concerning Texas residency.

Additional required and supplemental fees are charged for various university services and for some specific courses. The schedule of fees is given in the General Information catalog and in the Course Schedule, available on-line through the Registrar. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

For up-to-date tuition rates, use the university’s Graduate Tuition Calculator.

Financial Aid

The primary sources of financial support for PhD students are graduate teaching and research assistantships administered by departments, graduate fellowships administered by the university, and financial aid administered by the Office of Student Financial Services.

The university’s Office of Financial Aid is the primary source for financial aid information. Admission to the Graduate School must be granted before a financial aid application can be processed, but we encourage you to apply early regardless of admission status. As a graduate student, you may be eligible for federally subsidized student loans and university grants such as tuition and building-use waivers. In order to find out if you are eligible, you must complete and submit your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Loan). The priority deadline is March 15 for the following academic year.

Additional financial aid opportunities may also be available from the Graduate School and the Steve Hicks School of Social Work. These include the scholarships and fellowships described below.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Recruitment Fellowship (awarded by The Graduate School)

Each year the Graduate School awards a limited number of recruitment fellowships to new students admitted for the fall semester. These fellowships are university-wide and reserved for students with the most outstanding credentials. Applicants do not apply directly for these fellowships. The graduate advisor makes the nomination, usually by February 1 of each year. Fellowships carry certain restrictions and qualifications regarding course load, GPA, etc.

Continuing University Fellowships (awarded by The Graduate School)

Outstanding graduate students may be nominated by the Steve Hicks chool of Social Work for a competitive university-wide continuing fellowship. To be competitive for this fellowship, students must have achieved major accomplishments since entering Graduate School and have a well-defined program of research.

Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant Positions

Teaching assistant (TA) and graduate research assistant (GRA) positions for PhD students within the School of Social Work are generally 20-hour-per-week jobs where students earn approximately $1,600 per month. Twenty-hour-per-week positions qualify students to pay in-state tuition and receive a tax-free tuition reduction benefit (currently $3,784 per long semester). Medical coverage is provided at no cost to students with a 20-hour-per-week TA, GRA, or AI position if appointed for a minimum of 4.5 consecutive months. Summer medical coverage varies depending on whether you are appointed as a TA, AI, or GRA.

Students must be enrolled for at least nine graduate semester hours each long semester (three graduate semester hours in the summer) they work in one of these positions, have not more than two grades of temporary incomplete (T), permanent incomplete (I), no credit (NC), or F in any combination; and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. While appointments are made one semester at a time, PhD students, depending on their award package, are generally awarded a TA, RA, or AI position each long semester for a four year period.

Please see Working At The School for additional information.

Steve Hicks school of Social Work Fellowships

Some endowed fellowships within the Steve Hicks School of Social Work are available for PhD students. First-year students generally receive $3,500, second year students usually receive $2,500, and third year students usually receive $2,000 (divided over two semesters). Students do not apply directly for these fellowships. Students are nominated by the assistant dean for doctoral education. Members of the Financial Assistance Committee review the nominations and make the selection.