Requirements for Students with Bachelor’s in Social Work

To be eligible for this admission status, applicants must possess a Bachelor of Social Work degree from a Council on Social Work Education-accredited program and must request consideration at the time of application. This admission status is a two-step process. First, applicants are considered for admission to the Master of Science in Social Work program; then, if accepted, their materials are reviewed for admission to the Post BSW Track.

Additional Application materials

Post BSW Application Checklist: download the checklist (PDF).

In addition to all of the materials required for regular admission listed, applicants with a BSW degree must also submit the following:

  • Letter of Reference from Agency-based Field Instructor (PDF)
  • Letter of Reference from Faculty Liaison/Field Seminar Instructor, or Coordinator of Field Instruction, or BSW Program Director (PDF)
  • Final Field Practicum Evaluation
  • Syllabi of Undergraduate Field Seminar and Field Practicum
  • Case Application (PDF)