BSW Admissions

LonghornsAdmission to the university

The University of Texas at Austin Office of Admissions is responsible for the admission and readmission of all undergraduate students to the university. Admission requirements and the application process can be found at Texas Admissions, the university’s Office of Admissions gateway for prospective students.

Texas Admissions has all the information you need to be admitted to the university, whether you are a first-time freshman, a student transferring from another university, a former UT student seeking readmission, or an international undergraduate.

Admission to the Steve hicks school of Social Work

Any undergraduate student admitted to the university who has identified social work as their major enters as a pre-social work major. Undergraduate students already enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin who want to transfer to the pre-social work major must go through the internal transfer process. Pre-majors are generally first and second year students who are completing general education requirements and lower-division social work courses.

After completing the pre-major, eligible BSW students may apply to the social work major. Social work majors are primarily students in their third and fourth years who are completing the upper-division courses and a supervised field practicum in a social service agency. Only students who have completed the pre-major requirements at the Steve Hicks School of Social Work can apply for the social work major. See admission requirements for the social work major here.

If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in social work, please contact the undergraduate program coordinator at or call (512) 471-5457. We will be happy to answer your questions or schedule an informational meeting with you.