Field Forms and Guides

Forms are available for download as PDF (PDF) and MicroSoft Word® (DOC, DOCX) documents.


For MSSW students: In addition to the foundation curriculum and the Clinical concentration, the MSSW Program is transitioning the macro concentration from Community and Administrative Leadership (CAL) to Administrative and Policy Practice (APP).  Current field students are finishing the program in the CAL concentration and new students interested in macro work will enter in the APP concentration.  As such, forms and manuals on this page will still reference either or both.

  • MSSW Graduate Guide to Field (DOCX) (PDF)
  • BSW Undergraduate Guide to Field (DOC) (PDF)
  • Intern Time Sheet (DOCX)
  • Learning Contract (DOCX)
  • Process Recording Directions/Example  (PDF)
  • Process Recording Template (DOCX)
  • Process Recording Instructions for APP students (PDF)
  • MSSW International Placement and Domestic Long Distance Letter of Recommendation Forms (DOCX)
  • BSW Domestic Long Distance Letter of Recommendation Form (DOCX)
  • BSW Field Placement Confirmation Form (PDF)
  • BSW Field Expectations Checklist (PDF)
  • Evaluation of SW 640/641: Undergraduate Social Work Practicum (DOCX)
  • Evaluation for SW 384R: Field Instruction I (DOCX)
  • Evaluation for SW 384S: Field Instruction II (DOCX)
  • Evaluation for Field Instruction III and IV: Clinical Concentration SW 694R/394S (DOCX)
  • Evaluation for Field Instruction III and IV: Clinical Concentration SW 694R/394S-Spanish Version (DOCX)
  • Evaluation for Field Instruction III and IV: APP Concentration SW 694R/394S (DOCX)
  • Self-Reflection: Field Instruction I SW 384R (DOCX)
  • Self-Reflection: Field Instruction II SW 384S (DOCX)
  • Self-Reflection: Clinical Concentration SW 694R/394S (DOCX)
  • Self-Reflection: APP Concentration SW 694R/394S (DOCX)
  • Self-Reflection: BSW SW 640/641 (DOCX)
  • Assessing Professional Behavior (DOCX)
Field Syllabi, along with all other course syllabi, can be found on the course syllabi site.

Field Instructors
  • Field Instructor Guide (PDF)
  • FAQ for Field Instructors (PDF)
  • Field Instructor Information Sheet (PDF)