School of Social Work Brand Guidelines

The image of the School of Social Work should be presented in a consistent and professional manner. Please take the time to review the guidelines and recommendations on this page. They are intended to help you use the School of Social Work’s brand elements correctly and consistently in your presentations, reports, and any other documents.

Brand Standards Manual

UT Austin Marketing & Creative Services created this manual to assist our school in producing materials that are consistent with and immediately recognized as The University of Texas at Austin. The manual covers proper and improper uses of the university and school wordmark, color palette, typography, etc. Download the manual (pdf).

Brand elements:
Brand applications:
  • Power Point slides: please use the correct screen dimension to ensure that the images in your slide don’t appear distorted. The different dimensions refer to the aspect ratios of the screen, in other words, whether the screen is more square or more rectangular. You can find a more detailed explanation here.
  • Posters: if you need the school’s wordmark/logo for a poster, please contact Andrea Campetella to obtain the eps file. Using the eps file will ensure that the wordmark prints clearly in any size.
  • Flyers