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All purchases must be pre-approved by principal investigators or the dean. Purchases made with personal funds are not allowable by university standard purchasing procedures. Do not use your own funds to buy work-related items. This is true for all funding sources. If there are extreme and extenuating circumstances, please contact the Dean’s Office in advance. Keep in mind that many purchases can be done using the Procurement Cards (PROCard) that the school has. Contact the Dean’s Administrative Office or the Office of the Associate Dean for Research for card holders.


If you need an extra chair, table, or other piece of furniture, please contact Julie Cunniff. Please let Julie know if you have extra furniture that you would like removed from your office. Julie can also arrange to have movers come and move file cabinets and other heavy objects.

PROCard (Procurement Card) Rules

The procurement card may be used for purchase of goods or business services up to the maximum single transaction limit on the individual card (default is $999, the maximum is $4500). Some examples of allowable purchases include office supplies, research supplies, printing, duplicating, repairs, conference registration fees, and computer supplies. Food items can also be purchased using the PROCard but only at any HEB/Central Market stores. For all entertainment expenses, an Official Occasion Expense Form (XLSX) must also be submitted in advance. The Dean or delegate can approve and sign for entertainment expenses. These are the rules for PROCard usage adopted by the card holders:

  • PROCard will be used for same day purchases. That is, whoever checks the card out needs to return it on the same day along with receipts. Exceptions will be granted in rare occasions. Check with the card holder well in advance.
  • One form per vendor — no exceptions. Also remember that if you’re buying food and non-alcoholic beverages, an Official Occasion Expense form must also be submitted along with the PROCard request.
  • The person listed as requesting the card must be the person picking up the card. Please do not pass the card around from person to person.
  • When actually making the purchase, remind vendor that the university is tax exempt. Also, look at receipt to make sure no tax was charged. It is easier to correct the error right at the store than having to go back for the credit.
  • Plan well in advance to submit your PROCard requests. Sometimes card holders are not at their desks for last-minute requests. The card will only be handed out by the card holder (or whom they assign in their absence) to the person who made the request. Allow at least 24 hours before you can pick up the card.


Ordinary office supplies are stored in the mail room. If the mail room does not have an office supply item that you need, please notify the Dean’s Office so that item(s) can be ordered from Office Max. The university has a contract with Office Max to provide us with supplies. You are only allowed to buy at other locations if Office Max does not carry the general supply you are looking to purchase.

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