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Spring 2017 Forums

This semester the DiNitto Center for Career Services is holding career forums focused on different areas of social work careers. All students are invited to attend and they may come to one or all of the sessions in each forum. Each forum will consist of three, one-hour presenters, with a common theme.  Check back soon for Dates!

Social Work Careers in Healthcare Forum: With Texas being in the top five states for employing healthcare social workers, this forum will focus on three unique health care related social work jobs. Services in this field can range from case management, to psychosocial support and can be in a multitude of different settings such as general medical and surgical hospitals or insurance carriers.

Social Work Careers in Aging and Healthcare: Friday, March 31st, 1:00-4:00 PM With the growing number of older adults in Austin, it is crucial for social workers to have an understanding of the opportunities for careers in the aging community. In conjunction with the GRACE program, this forum is designed to highlight a few of the careers in the aging and healthcare field. This forum will focus on variety of different organizations that provide services to older adults and their families whether it be in a long-term care facility, memory care facility or communitybased care. We will have the following presenters joining us:

Clinical Social Work Careers Forum:  Tuesday, April 18th, 2:00-5:00 PM  As professional social workers, it is important to stay in touch with licensure requirements as well as new and effective research. Once licensed the ins and outs of supervision can be daunting; it is important to be able to understand the process as well as how to go about in a way that makes the most of your license. Private practice can be a fulfilling setting that allows for flexibility and creativity, however just as licensure takes time, private practice is a goal that takes dedication and patience. Without vulnerability, social work would not be possible and it is crucial to be informed about how to work with the most vulnerable and how to recognize, prevent and treat trauma. This panel will focus on three different topics related to clinical social work: licensure, private practice and trauma informed care.

Social Work Careers in Alternative Therapies Forum:  Thursday, April 20th, 2:00-5:00 PM  Back after popular demand!  With a growing number of alternative therapies in social work today this forum will focus on a few alternative therapies such as yoga, art therapy and nutrition. Art therapy is growing in usage and has been used for a variety of disorders and for practitioner and client self-care. Yoga has also grown in popularity as has been used in conjunction with mindfulness and meditation interventions. The mind body connection is important in all interventions but especially when it comes to nutrition and taking care of one’s body.  Come and hear the way these alternative therapies are present in a variety of positions fields and organizations.

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