Private Practice

The primary focus of private practice is the direct delivery of clinical social work services. Learn more about this line of work here (pdf).

Diane Harvey

“In addition to working in my own practice as a clinical social worker and mediator, I am a volunteer mediator at the Austin Dispute Resolution Center and serve on the boards of the Austin Association of Mediators and the Texas Association of Mediators.  I’ve got a good deal of variety in my week. As a therapist, I either see people (adults, couples, families) in my office for hour-long sessions. I’m also in the field quite a bit as I meet with disabled clients in their homes. If I have a mediation, I’ll either set aside about four hours to meet in the conference room in my office, the DRC, or in a neutral place of the clients’ selection. This work requires a great deal of patience with the ability to remain engaged yet neutral throughout the mediation. You must demonstrate the ability to listen and be sensitive to emotions. My social work skills are invaluable for my mediation work. Many of the people skills that social workers use every day are skills that mediators without our backgrounds need to learn.” – Diane Harvey