Brandon Wollerson“I am the program coordinator for Doug’s House, the residential HIV/AIDS hospice and supportive care program of Project Transitions. I oversee the daily functioning of the house at both a staff and residential level. My duties include ensuring that resident’s bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs are met, providing guidance and support for residents and their families around a wide range of issues (aggressive vs. palliative treatment decisions, advanced directive planning, housing, and additional supportive services) and ensuring that the staffing needs of the house are met. I always say that this job is 60 percent clinical and 40 percent CAL, and good for students who have a diverse interest in areas of mental health, substance abuse, and chronic disease management. Without my internships and coursework at the School of Social Work (particularly grief/loss), I’m not sure I would have made it into this line of work. The experiences and connections made at the school have helped shape my career pursuits and passions.” – Brandon Wollerson