Children and Families

A photo of Kameron Fowler“I am the program director at Front Steps, the homeless service provider that manages the ARCH (Austin Resource Center for the Homeless) for the City of Austin. I have never a dull moment at my job! I attend interagency and community planning meetings, work on grants and/or reports, supreme my staff and try to have some interaction with our clients on a daily basis. The skills needed for my job are flexibility, compassion, ability to multi-task, being okay with not having all of the information you need or the answers you want, strong personal boundaries and good self-care practices. The School of Social Work provided me with a great education and a solid foundation. It’s great to be able to work with some of my former professors who are now my partners in the community. Not to mention an incredible international final field placement at a shelter in Australia.” – Kameron Fowler



A photo of Pamela Schott

“I am the clinical director at YWCA, where I manage the counseling program for women and their families. It was natural for me to pursue a field that appreciated a good listener, an intelligent thinker, an intuitive person, and one who genuinely cares and supports growth and development. In a typical day I’m very busy with management issues, such as streamlining processes, supervising program clinicians, revising policies and procedures, managing funding requirements, and making reports. When I started I was behind in terms of clinical preparation, but I could make it up in trainings and study groups.” – Pamela Schott