Confidentiality Statement

The UT School of Social Work regularly handles highly confidential material consisting of student records, files, addresses and other personal information. All faculty, staff and student or non-student employees and volunteers who handle these materials are required to uphold the highest regard for confidentiality of all information.

  • Assignment – Please discuss your assignment with your supervisor in advance. It is your responsibility to understand what is expected of you. Work out a schedule that is suitable to both you and your supervisor.Boundaries – All student employees (AI, TA, GA, GRA, hourly, etc.) must maintain clear boundaries between their job performance related to their appointment and their role as a student. For example, students going to the mail room in their role as a student employee should not wander into the DiNitto Center for Career Services for advising without an appointment.
  • Files and file rooms – Files should be retrieved, used and returned to the proper file cabinets. At no time should files in accessible work areas be left open or not filed. Access to computer files is also confidential.
  • Office equipment and supplies – Supplies (e.g., envelopes, letterhead) copiers, printers, fax machines and other School equipment/supplies are only for business purposes. No personal use!
  • Student records – Utmost care should be taken to restrict availability of any type of paper and/or electronic record (admission or academic) or roster. These should not be left on tables or cabinets. Once a particular project is complete, please return all records to appropriate files or your supervisor. No information about our students should be given out over the telephone or via e-mail. Care should be taken to keep confidential any private conversations that may be overheard concerning students and records.
  • Visitors and friends – At no time should friends and classmates enter the work area. TA’s and student employees are welcome to be excused to greet visitors, but any visits should occur in the reception area or otherwise outside the work area.

I understand the serious nature of confidential information that I will be handling at the School of Social Work and I agree to abide by the request as set forth above. Further, if I am a social work student, I agree to honor the NASW Code of Ethics, Statement of Confidentiality (1.07).

For student employment requirements at the School of Social Work, please go to our student employment requirements page.

Revised December 12, 2008