Austin Chapter


  • President: Sarah McCafferty, LCSW
  • Treasurer: Kayle Evans, LMSW, LCDC, ADS
  • Secretary: Emily Keefer, LCSW, ADS
  • Members: Marian Mahaffey, LMSW-AP; Ramón Gomez, MSSW; Eric Metcalf, LMSW;  Nadia Velasquez, LMSW; Micaela Romero, LCSW; Brenda Cazares, LMSW
  • Ex-Officio: Jennifer Luna Jackson, MSSW; Robin Smith, LCSW
  • Ad-Hoc Members: Joan Asseff, LMSW; Jolynne Batchelor, LCSW; Hannah Gibson-Moore, LMSW;  Liz Nowicki, ACSW, LCSW; Nancy Sheppard, LCSW; Aubrey Staples, LMSW

Our Activities

  • Annual tailgate party
  • Ethics workshop offered by the Office of Professional Development
  • Annual alumni reunion and recognition of the Alumni of the Year
  • Co-sponsoring of graduation picnic
  • Social networking events for alumni
  • Annual student scholarship awards
  • Fundraising activities

To contact the Austin chapter of SWAN, email or contact Jennifer Luna Jackson at (512) 475-8131 or